Flybuy Dashboard 15" Tablet

$ 399.00

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Special Pricing- Flybuy Subscribers Only

The Flybuy Dashboard Tablet is a capacitive, multi- touch tablet with integrated LED light bars that is specially designed for use with Flybuy products. The Flybuy Dashboard Tablet can update and alert your staff so that they are fully prepared to assist customers as they arrive at your locations, ensuring a fast and efficient experience. The Flybuy Dashboard Tablet comes with all necessary software pre-installed, and is enabled through a secure activation process.

Designed for Successful Deployment + Operation

The Flybuy Dashboard Tablet has been designed to make deployments simple, flexible, and secure, including:

• Pre-installed Flybuy Dashboard software
• Kiosk-mode Lockdown
• Secure Activation
• Flexible Connectivity and Power Options
• Bundled Counter-Top Stand and Wall Mount Hardware
Please find specs here.