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A simple solution to modernize your store with smart signage and proximity beacon marketing.

What is Display Kit?

Display Kit is a cloud-based platform that combines digital signage with proximity technology and content management to create a powerful customer experience. By using this product, you will increase your communication with customers, drive sales for featured products, and drive traffic to designated areas of the store. Additionally, Display Kit can set up key value pairing to show ads based on temperature and language specifications (i.e. if it is below 40°, it will show an ad for coffee instead of soda). Plus, you will have the opportunity to activate DoubleClick to fill remnant advertising inventory for incremental revenue.

What can I use Display Kit for?

  • Menu boards
  • Endcaps
  • Special Promotions
  • Featured Products
  • Event Boards
  • And more!

How can I use this for Proximity Marketing?

At any time, you have the opportunity to turn on the proximity technology embedded into Display Kit. Each screen will act as a beacon transmitter, sending messages to the mobile devices of your customers. This can be used for time-sensitive special promotions, wayfinding, tracking shopping habits, or Radius Networks can come up with a customized solution to minimize wait time, maximize sales, and prevent customer confusion.

How can I Install?

It's easy. Once you receive the package from Radius Networks, you simply plug it in! All data will be already loaded on to the Chromebox, and you can manage all assets through our easy-to-use Content Management System.

What does this package include?

  • Smart Screens
  • Wall Mounts
  • Chrome Box
  • Content Management System