RadBeacon USB
RadBeacon USB
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RadBeacon USB

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The RadBeacon USB utilizes any USB power source, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Designed for data transmission and tracking physical products, it delivers instant updates on item locations, inventory levels, and movements within physical spaces. 

Note: This is sold as hardware only. Software development is required for full functionality.

Use Case:

  • Proximity based advertising: Enables retail stores to deliver targeted messages within a 50-meter range via the brand's app.

  • Personnel Tracking: Beacons can located throughout the facility to determine the last location of the person

  • Large Venues: Place beacons throughout the venue to offer exclusive discounts and guide visitors to specific areas 

  • Launch Mobile Experiences: Prompt users to interact via their mobile device, delivering a personalized and interactive experience

  • Other IoT Applications

Battery Life & Type: N/A (Power is from the USB port)

Range: 50m (about the length of 10 cars), varies based on transmit power and environment

Weather Resistant: Not weather resistant

Regulatory Compliance & Compatibility Development:

  • Apple iBeaconTM: iBeacon Licensed Product

  • EddystoneTM: Eddystone Licensed Product

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth controller subsystem

  • FCC: FCC Part 15

  • CE: EN300328, EN60950, EN62479

  • IC: Industry Canada Certification

Installation: None needed for the hardware | Software development is required

Size & Weight: 18 x 13.5 x 7mm | 2g

See the RadBeacon USB Datasheet for more information.

Note: Import tariff may apply to this product.

Please note, this product can only ship to FCC, IC, and CE countries.